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Prevent Abortion from being Enshrined in Our State Constitution

After two months of litigation the Montana Supreme Court has determined that Planned Parenthood can move forward with gathering signatures for Ballot Initiative 14. If the signatures needed are successfully gathered across the state, the Constitutional Initiative will be on the ballot in November for all of Montana to vote on. If it passes in November abortion up to 9 months of pregnancy will be a Constitutional right.


AIM is joining the state-wide Pro-Life effort to PREVENT these signatures from being gathered. Join us as we learn from the Leadership Institute about what CI 14 will mean and how you can help with the state-wide Decline To Sign Campaign.

When: April 4th - 7th, 2024

Where: Victor, Kalispell, Helena, Billings

Cost: FREE

More Information: View the flyer below to find the training closest to you and sign up today!

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1 Comment

Trista M
Trista M
Mar 28

No, not on my watch!! I will be there !

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