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About Abort Ignorance

In 2022, there was an historical reversal of the 1973 Supreme Court Decision (known as Roe v. Wade) that made abortion a right protected under the Federal Constitution. This reversal effectively sent the decisions about legal regulations of abortion back to each state, to determine for itself, if abortion will be legal in that state, or not. With this 50-year-old precedent reversed and states once again having control over this topic, now is the time to leave ignorance behind and become educated about what abortion is, what Montana's abortion laws are, and get involved to affect change in our state. 

Abort Ignorance Montana is an organization dedicated to the sharing of information about what abortion is and the current status of abortion laws in Montana. It is a group committed to advocating for this knowledge to spread state-wide so that none of us are ignorant about what is taking place in our state and who is being affected by it. This site is designed to be an easy-to-understand resource to everyone that desires to know and do more to end abortion in Montana and bring healing to the men, women, and families who have experienced its affects. The fate of the next generation is in our hands and it is now our responsibility to be aware, advocate, and abort ignorance. 

On our Articles and Information page ​we work to compile all of the information you need to easily stay up to date on action that is taking place in regards to abortion laws and news in Montana. You will find easy to understand articles where we have compiled the necessary information for you. We will share related news articles, current events, and resources of how you can take action in your town.


We are also dedicated to educating Montanans about what abortion is and helping others to understand hard questions such as, "What is abortion and why did it start?", "Is it my right to choose?", and "When does life actually begin?". We will work to shed light on these difficult subjects in a way that helps you to decide for yourself where you stand in regards to abortion. 

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If you or a loved one has suffered from the pain of an abortion and are in need of counsel and healing, please email for information on how to find free, confidential, and loving support and resources.

Abortion affects men, women, and families. No story is too small to be hidden.

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