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Is It Really About Abortion?

If you have not heard, there is a ballot initiative called CI-128 that is currently in the process of gathering signatures in order to be on the ballot in November in Montana. Abortion is already legal in Montana up to 22 weeks of pregnancy, this will simply expand the access to abortion. That access will be expanded to include abortion up to nine months of pregnancy and partial birth abortion. 

Abortion access is one thing but are there secondary repercussions from a constitutional amendment that is written this broadly? Perhaps. 

The official ballot language reads:

“A constitutional initiative that would amend the Montana Constitution to expressly provide a right to make and carry out decisions about one’s own pregnancy, including the right to abortion. It would prohibit the government from denying or burdening the right to abortion before fetal viability. It would also prohibit the government from denying or burdening access to an abortion when a treating healthcare professional determines it is medically indicated to protect the pregnant patient’s life or health. The initiative would prevent the government from penalizing patients, healthcare providers, or anyone who assists someone in exercising their right to make and carry out voluntary decisions about their pregnancy.”

This seems fairly straightforward but here are some questions we may want to ask ourselves before signing the petition page for CI-128:

  • Does this include minors?

  • If a minor seeks an abortion, will parents have any right left to make this decision with their child?

  • If a minor is sexually molested and becomes pregnant, will the molester be able to cover their offense by taking the child for an abortion, no questions asked?

  • What happens if someone is trapped in sex trafficking and is taken to get an abortion? Will the sex trafficker be protected by being able to cover up the pregnancy at any trimester?

  • Chiropractors, Dentists, and Tattoo Artists are all considered ‘healthcare providers’ according to the DPHHS. Could a dentist determine it is medically necessary for a woman to get an abortion? If so, are they really the best healthcare professionals to be making decisions about women’s reproductive care?

These are all questions that we should be asking ourselves as we evaluate Constitutional Initiative 128. Yes, it will expand access to abortion (and we should ask if that is truly necessary given that it is already legal) but what else may it cause? Is it truly worth hiding sex traffickers or predators and limiting parental rights in order to get this amendment into our State Constitution? 

As you consider this question for yourself, here is a resource from "For Montana Families" that may help you decide:

If you would like to get involved with the CI-128 petition efforts please email us at

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Trista M
Trista M
01 jun

I love privacy and don't think we need government overreach in our lives. However when an agenda (and believe me, this is an agenda backed by deep pockets and out of state interests) like this is being pushed in a state my family has called home for generations, you bet I will fight it ! As a parent this is deeply concerning on many levels as well. I believe if this goes through it will open a destructive flood gate in our state that will allow for more of the same in other areas. Don't believe what you hear those pushing this saying either. This isn't women's rights! I have my rights. Don't sign CI 128.

Me gusta
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