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3 Reasons Ballot Initiative 14 Will Limit Your Freedoms

What is Ballot Initiative 14?

Ballot Initiative 14 is a constitutional amendment that has been introduced by Planned Parenthood Advocates of Montana and will codify the right to an abortion in the Montana State Constitution.

First introduced on November 22, 2023 the initiative was submitted to Attorney General Austin Knudsen who found the initiative 'legally insufficient' on January 16, 2024. Since that time, Planned Parenthood Advocates have appealed this decision by the Attorney General. If the Montana Supreme Court overrules the Attorney General in court, Initiative 14 will move forward. The next step will be for Planned Parenthood to gather 60,000 signatures in support of the initiative. That number is LOW and it is very possible we will be seeing this initiative on the ballot this fall (2024 election).

How would this limit my freedoms?

  1. Tax-payer funded abortions. No say in if you want your money to go to funding abortion or not. It will be required.

  2. You won't be told if your child (less than 18 years of age) seeks an abortion. This infringes on your parental rights.

  3. No legal recourse by medical professionals to deny an abortion to a patient.

Here is the official ballot submission from the Secretary of State's website:

Subject A constitutional initiative that affirms the right to make and carry out decisions about one’s own pregnancy, including the right to abortion, in the Montana Constitution. This constitutional amendment prohibits the government from denying or burdening the right to abortion before fetal viability. Additionally, the amendment ensures that the government cannot deny or burden access to an abortion when it is necessary to protect the pregnant patient’s life or health. This constitutional amendment prevents the government from punishing patients, healthcare providers, or anyone who assists someone in seeking reproductive care, including abortion care.

TypeConstitutional Initiative

Submission #1: 11/22/2023

Status: Attorney General determined that the ballot issue is legally insufficient.

SubmitterSamuel Dickman

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Trista M
Trista M
Feb 16

The more you know, the bigger difference you can make ! Thank you for putting this together.

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