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2 Anti-Abortion Bills Passed in House Judiciary Committee

It is time to rejoice!

This week two major Anti-Abortion bills have passed in the Montana House of Representatives. HB 721 which restricts an unborn child from a dismemberment abortion and HB 786 which will require abortion facilities to report adverse effects from medication abortions have both PASSED in the House Judiciary Committee.

(Click on the above bills to read them in their entirety)



The Montana Legislation is currently in session. In order for a new bill to be signed into law both the House of Representatives and the Montana Senate have to hear and pass the bill.

This week, HB 721 and HB 786 are officially halfway there!

Starting Thursday, March 9th these bills will be “transmitted” which means they will make their way to the Senate to also be heard there. In order for these bills to PASS INTO LAW they must also pass in the Senate.

The Senate will be meeting from the second week in March through May to discuss bills. These two bills will be assigned a date and that date will be made known to the public. We still need to HAVE OUR SAY about these bills. Even if we testified in the House, we need to also testify to the Senate that we WANT THESE BILLS TO PASS.

Stay tuned and GET SUBSCRIBED to Abort Ignorance Montana for information about when and how to let the Senate know you are IN FAVOR of these bills.

Until then, REJOICE and thank your local House Representatives.

Montana is taking a hard stand against abortion in our state and we are WINNING THE FIGHT!

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